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QC and HSE


Our quality policy is to understand our customers' expectations, work to specifications and standards, and strive for excellence
We have based our policy on the following principles:

* Move towards excellence in execution
* Work productively to add value
* Act according to the principle of "sustainable development",
* Bear responsibility for quality with our entire management team and staff
* Further skills and quality through constant training
* Promote harmony, efficiency and creativity through teamwork
* Collaborate with our subcontractors and specialist teams to our mutual benefit


Environmental protection policy
Health and safety policy
Quality policy

Our HSE goals are to minimize work accidents and reduce customer complaints by ensuring the health, labor protection, technical safety, and environmental protection of our employees in projects. These are detailed in the quality policy, labor protection and technical safety policy, environmental protection policy, road safety policy and other policies and policies.
* To fulfill our obligations in the best conditions, our resources are developed using the most modern technological possibilities and all the opportunities our employees need for their personal and professional development. is created and qualification growth is sent to training.
* Customer satisfaction is the top priority in all our services.
* Paying attention to the health, labor protection and technical safety of our employees and customers, we constantly strive to ensure environmental safety, reduce waste on projects, and conduct tree planting campaigns.

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