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Монтажный кран


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About the project
Pilot Project: BinaCycle
 Location : Agdam district
Status: Ongoing

The goal of the project which is a joint cooperation of AZCD Group and Holcim Azerbaijan, is to recycle construction and demolition materials generated during restoration and reconstruction by applying the principles of "green economy". This step will significantly reduce the environmental impact of construction and demolition waste in Aghdam district, and will be reused in restoration works in those areas instead of being thrown away. Millions of tons of construction waste will be reused in various fields instead of being buried in landfills and harming the environment.

Construction and demolition materials is unloaded onto the site and then transferred to a shredder. The crushed and ground material coming out of the crushing unit is loaded into dump trucks with a front loader and transported to the road construction zones. The crushing equipment has a processing capacity of 250 tons per hour.

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